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ABOUT ICETUXEDO Experienced Installer with a demonstrated history of working in the arts and crafts industry. Skilled in Fashion Illustration, Art Direction, Visual Arts, Fashion Design, and Curating.  Strong information technology professional graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.

16th August to 8th September 2013


A group show curated by artist-curator IceTuxedo Ice Ismail Erbil that investigates the relationship between finished works and those found in the artists’ studios, thinking of this relationship as a type of excavation.

Revealing and concealing trajectories of thought and material-based decisions-making processes ‘ex-ca-vate-site-one’ blurs the boundaries between past and present, a type of archeological dig that disrupts ideas of presentation and display.

Re-visiting the studio in a gallery environment Erbil records and reconsiders curatorial relationships and questions the context of the gallery versus the studio revealing often hidden or unseen aspects of an artist’s practice. Displaying a sense of unearthed visions creates unorthodox site of interaction between artworks, the gallery space and the viewer.

A large structure in the centre of the gallery references Ray Staakman: Groot Draaiend Vierkant, 1965 and Marcel Duchamp’s spinning discs. This investigation extends from Erbil’s ideas of ‘digging’ for ceremonial visions, information and the performative dimension of the artist’s role, questioning the act of making and displaying artworks.

The viewer is left to their own devices to link up finished objects with studio objects disrupting their process of engaging with the exhibition and shifting their role into that of active agent in the context of the exhibition as an installation.

Man With Invisible Glasses


Man with invisible glasses #simplicity Simple pencil drawing available at icetuxedo  white core 32×48 maple leaf 1.4mm w 205 h 290 standard 3mm Mdf backing 2mm standard clear glass, image size width 205 height 290 overall size 355 height 445 36x43x4 inches (x4 inches depth of frame) glazing #frames #profile #portrait #assembled #21march2018 #drawing £1,300 inc VAT #divadigitalbyice ‘David’ portrait of mars, drawn in hackney wick #contemporaryart #icetuxedoframes Ice Ismail Erbil (artwork has not been shown anywhere and is in perfect condition with packaging)

‘the solution is you’ 2015

‘The solution is you’ 2015

You are my galactic time travel 

A very special person in my life

The horizon we set back to is the whole universe

Yet we both don’t know the words to describe each other

Heaven and Earth collided and we became. By Ice Ismail

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Ice Tuxedo Ice Ismail Erbil