‘365 hours in a day’

by Ice Tuxedo By Ismail Erbil

Writing titled: ‘365 hours in a day’

Lot’s of questions! If you were an alien scientist would you have the opportunity to leave planet earth? or would you discover what’s already here with us? like culture, nature or travel for example…How much can we discover in a closed room? Can you then reveal what’s not already said? Am I questioning what already exists or are you saying what’s already been said before? Do we repeat ourselves but in a different body? And what about a sub culture that exists and not many people know about. Is that depressing, is it beautiful or are tribes repeating a historical past? I have no clues but watch. But do I learn anything new. And why is the new material so important?

Written 1st March 2013

Words by: Ismail Ice Oscar Andrew Erbil