Beyond Duality present collaborative drawings in their show ‘Duo Beyond’, continuing their exploration into ideas of authorship and ownership within contemporary art practice. Ranging from gestural mark-making to observation-based techniques Beyond Duality investigate strategies collaboratively for the development and completion of works.  Gradually the ‘personal’ becomes de-centred creating ambiguous mappings of the self, the subject and of representation.

Oh my god beyond duality was just that and nothing else.  You have no choice to listen otherwise I’ll wrip  the page. Also it’s not about a relationship, faeries, it’s about a gay man in a straight mans pants.

Memorable moments in the art industry re-presents a singular first painting launched during art licks fourth year is a large acrylic painting created by curators ‘Duo Beyond’ by artists Beyond Duality.

They use a fixed colour palette to suggest a real intellectual panelling fixed with or more like painted with elegant brush markings to reveal a future vision of collaboration.  This show should not be missed and it’s worth a visit to experience their video making also.

In their original show in 2013 where they launched Beyond Duality they used 1980’s sequined fabrics to disco balls to present informal video’s to sculpture making and then taking their viewers on a journey of questioning and belonging.  The show is an installation of their paintings and drawings made on the same surface.  One is a aesthetic thinker and the other is a conceptual developer.

The the outcome of their artistic relationship is divine and build a language to express its aesthetic limits.

Beyond Duality are showing their new works for:

Art Licks

EVENT: 30th September-2nd October

Private View, Thursday 29th September, 2016 : 6-8.30 p.m

To attend Private View RSVP to: icetuxedo@hotmail.com 24 hours before you attend.

IceTuxedo: Ground Floor, Building 2, 92 White Post Lane, Hackney Wick, E9 5GU.

Ranging from gestural mark-making to observation-based techniques, Beyond Duality investigate strategies collaboratively for the development and completion of works. Gradually the ‘personal’ becomes de-centred, creating ambiguous mappings of the self, of the subject and representation.


Beyond Duality

Beyond Duality


‘Falling Terrains’

‘Falling Terrains’ is a collaborative sculpture/installation by Ismail Erbil & Patrick Michalopoulos.
The ‘dust’ seen in the work is made from a process of grating the shredded magazines and plaster Ismail Erbil uses in his installations. The resulting dust-like material can be thought of as a territory where images come into being and also expire at the same time exploring the transformation of images into objects. Small objects both made in the artist’s studio and also collected typically seen in Erbil’s installations, are placed on this dust and on top of Patrick’s segment of the work. Erbil’s working process melds different categories of objects together, revealing and concealing images in a type of excavation and re-working of symbols and stories. Patrick Michalopoulos’ work continues his recent exploration into sculptural text pieces. The text seen in ‘Falling Terrains’ displays a camp exuberance in its use of colour and employs an immediate and temporary approach to making and materiality. This approach playfully challenges territories staked out by language itself. Usually more poignant or solemn phrases taken from the language of the everyday to do with the self, space and/or architecture are re-cast in colourful or glittering guises. The phrase ‘I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE HERE’ intertwines linguistic and sculptural structures to create a monument to camp/seriousness. In combination Ismail and Patrick’s approaches work as one to question hierarchies of space, language and objects while also subtly questioning the site of art fair.

Schwartz Gallery presents Ismail Erbil and Patrick Michalopoulos at the Art Projects section of the London Art Fair as part of SUBLET presented by the Artist-Led Initiatives Support Network (ALISN)


Wednesday 16 to Sunday 20 January
Booth P29, Art Projects, London Art Fair
52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH


enquiries: icetuxedo@hotmail.com



‘The Discus Throwers’ 2014

Beyond Duality 2014

Hangwoman : the arrested feminine

Curated by Patrick Michalopoulos

Private View Tuesday 14th January 2014 6-10 p.m

Hangwoman : the arrested feminine looks into constructions of contemporary masculinity through word-play, image, video, performance and object-making. Taking inspiration from Bruce Nauman’s 1967 film Art Make-Up the title of the wordgame ‘Hangman’ is reconfigured as the conceptual starting point for the exhibition. Instict, traditionally the preserve of the woman, versus the traditionally masculine domain of logic are playfully intertwined in a game involving words, complete or incomplete, alongside the emerging image of in this case the ‘Hangwoman’. The ‘Hangwoman’ can be thought of as a character at once camp and tragic whose illusive presence is felt on the margins or at the intersection between language and image, performance and real life. ‘She’ is not allowed to be herself yet people crave her presence. For Hangwoman : the arrested feminine the gallery space is altered through the use of colour and temporary architectural elements activating conceptual links between the premise for the exhibition and individual works.

Exploring composite and seemingly contradictory identities through contemporary art touches on ideas concerning the construction of narrative and image, sculptural ideas of inside versus outside space and the construction of reality through the interplay of language, experience, the physical and the non-physical. In Art Make-Up, a 4-screen video work where the artist paints his face and torso white, then pink, green and finally black, Nauman explores the intersection between male and female identities by referencing the aesthetics of drag while manifesting an expression of the self as a painting or sculptural work to question the prevailing hierarchies of art objects and identities. The exhibition operates within this context of contested, invented and received cultural currencies through the work of seven contemporary artists and one collaborative pairing. Hangwoman : the arrested feminine occupies a space between ethnographic display and contemporary art exhibition to destabilise categories and re-frame processes for the production of meaning in art, history and identity.


BEYOND DUALITY – SCHWARTZ GALLERY. 25/09/13 – 20/10/2013



BEYOND DUALITY, Installation view, 2013


Ismail Erbil (left-gold) Tool for my studio, 2013, plaster, stone and gold pen, 10 x 6 x 10 cm

Ismail Erbil (right-black)  Veiled Truth, 2013, mixed media, 18 x 19 x 13 cm

Ismail Erbil, Sleeping bag, 2013, mixed media,

120 x 20 x 35cm


BEYOND DUALITY, Installation view, 2013


BEYOND DUALITY, Installation view, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALeft: Ismail Erbil, See you in space, I’m talking to the stars, 2013, fabric, clay, acrylic paint and plaster, 38 x 35 x 37 cm

Right: Patrick Michalopoulos, Portable Lightning Control Centre, 2013, styrofoam, light-weight filler, fabric, softwood, 182 x 30 x 23 cm


Ismail Erbil, Landed waterfalls, detail, 2013, mixed media, dimensions variable


BEYOND DUALITY, Installation view, 2013


Ismail Erbil, Infinite Vision, 2013, inkjet print, 43 x 30 cm

Ismail Erbil & Patrick Michalopoulos, Beyond Duality 1, C-type print on aluminium,

24.5 x 34.5 cm



Beyond Duality in ArtLyst’s Top Ten London Emerging Art exhibitions


Private View: Wednesday 25th September 2013, 6-10 p.m

Exhibition dates: 25th September – 20th October 2013 or by appointment.

First Thursdays late opening: 3rd October, 6-9 p.m

Event: Artist talk: Saturday 5th October at 1 pm

Part of Art Licks Weekend:


‘Beyond Duality’ is a two-person show of the work of artists Ismail Erbil and Patrick Michalopoulos at Schwartz Gallery, the artist-curators and founders of the space. Delving intofacets of their collaborative as well as their individual practices the artists will focus on the creation of an expansive site-specific installation intertwining their respective approaches encompassing object and image-making, costume and performance art and video and installation. Overlapping categories of making and testing the boundaries of authorship in the context of collaboration BEYOND DUALITY advances ideas of shared communication and ownership to question idealised notions of objects, spaces and their perceived boundaries.

Taking the form of site specific installations Ismail Erbil’s new works for ‘Beyond Duality’ investigate cycles of actions through a layering of objects and performative narratives that draw the viewer into environments or zones of experience. Working with reflective, transparent and opaque materials Erbil wraps, veils and conceals objects and surfaces to reconfigure representational devices. Sculptural objects and collages shift and transform evolving along a spectrum of light, a central theme of these works. Concealing the identity of objects in alternating shrouds of light and darkness the artist considers the nature of materiality and amplifies and distorts the experience of objects as vehicles of communication.

Patrick Michalopoulos presents a series of new works for ‘Beyond Duality’ that inhabit a space somewhere between object, photography, collage and performance. Alternating modes of representation leave the viewer to decide where images and objects begin and end questioning the apparatus of representation. Inverting hierarchies and functions of materials reflects the artist’s interest in the articulation of architectural spaces that carry with them psychological structures of human interaction. These scaled-down structures operate on a level akin to that of architectural models yet fall outside their strict parameters alluding to spaces of disembodiment, dislocation and intercepted communications.


Assembly presents BONUS LEVELS, a multiplayer video game by Lawrence Lek Studio that celebrates the independent spirit of galleries and artist-run project spaces of Art Licks Weekend.

The White Building, Event Space, Queen’s Yard, London E9 5EN


ART LICKS WEEKEND – Bonus Level Link

BONUS LEVELS – Participating Projects in the Tower – Level 13: Schwartz Gallery – Beyond Duality

Location: IceTuxedo (Schwartz Gallery): 92 White Post Lane, Ground floor, Building 2, London, E9 5GU

enquiries: icetuxedo@hotmail.com


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