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Falling Terrains




Falling Terrains

‘Falling Terrains’ is a collaborative sculpture/installation by Ismail Erbil & Patrick Michalopoulos.
The ‘dust’ seen in the work is made from a process of grating the shredded magazines and plaster Ismail Erbil uses in his installations. The resulting dust-like material can be thought of as a territory where images come into being and also expire at the same time exploring the transformation of images into objects. Small objects both made in the artist’s studio and also collected typically seen in Erbil’s installations, are placed on this dust and on top of Patrick’s segment of the work. Erbil’s working process melds different categories of objects together, revealing and concealing images in a type of excavation and re-working of symbols and stories. Patrick Michalopoulos’ work continues his recent exploration into sculptural text pieces. The text seen in ‘Falling Terrains’ displays a camp exuberance in its use of colour and employs an immediate and temporary approach to making and materiality. This approach playfully challenges territories staked out by language itself. Usually more poignant or solemn phrases taken from the language of the everyday to do with the self, space and/or architecture are re-cast in colourful or glittering guises. The phrase ‘I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE HERE’ intertwines linguistic and sculptural structures to create a monument to camp/seriousness. In combination Ismail and Patrick’s approaches work as one to question hierarchies of space, language and objects while also subtly questioning the site of art fair.

Schwartz Gallery presents Ismail Erbil and Patrick Michalopoulos at the Art Projects section of the London Art Fair as part of SUBLET presented by the Artist-Led Initiatives Support Network (ALISN)


Wednesday 16 to Sunday 20 January
Booth P29, Art Projects, London Art Fair
52 Upper Street, Islington, London, N1 0QH


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