Time Machine

#presentsforhim #presentsforher #nature #timetravel #future I have a unique Art Print For Sale.  I only printed two, one original print and one copy.  The original is framed in my flat and the second copy is exacty the same colours.  They are both printed professionally by professionals at the same time and is packed flat. 

Printed Matt. ‘Time Machine’ Giclee Print. Original is on acrylic on board, (0.5 inches deep), 12 x 12 inches, total size 39 x 39 cm (including 4.5 cm border).

Limited edition of three ( 3 prints and one master copy)

price £1,460

3/3 including artist original proof)


Ideally I would like to have them both framed in chrome (silver) with no glass. 

If you like to own one of three please message me here!😁

Sales of artwork goes back into materials. 

Price includes postage and packaging 

Package is flat box only 

And postage is international 

Ice Ismail Erbil 

nature time travel future

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