‘End of Results’ is my next solo show


‘End of Results’ is my next solo show 

Focusing his new artworks on a online platform Ice Ismail Erbil questions the following 

‘We are already in space’ 

Which talks about contemporary practices within the contemporary culture of the body’s shield as a metaphor for protection 

‘What are we searching for?’ is a title of his new work which holds pieces of excess canvas cuttings stored in a transparent container which acts as thoughts 

‘Information Transformation 2’ looks into the depths of new canvas works that speaks of reacting and the engagements of applying directly on to the surface he chooses to work on.  Within this the knowledges of focusing on tear sheets, meaning that the white canvases are like a plain sheet of white paper acting like tearing devices.  In other words movements between the force from a tool are used to decorate blank canvases with directional image making

His last work is titled ‘darling do you know how to build a flying ship?’

Structure Architecture and Planotic Solids combined with dodecahedron ether star, silent zen star injects into consciousness of facilitating inspiration, learning and creating new neuron pathways.  The contemporary sculptures together are acting like eternal light spheres. ‘Information Transformation 4, are new sculptures questioning hiding and revealing that look into dimensions of how to build a flying ship in the physical, cellular and DNA transformations. 

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We are all in space, the next space is to explore as we are already here

‘darling do you know how to build a flying ship?’

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