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  • Years: 2008-2019

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Appearing.  Disappearing.  Vanishing




with Rosie Pearson @ Ice Tuxedo Studio filming/shoot 2017

Hackney Wick


Nolcha Fashion Week, New York: sponsored by ASOS & Fashion Capital.

Alternative Fashion Week: Spitalfields, London.

Fashion TV: Divo, Piccadilly: London Fashion Week.

Fashion Expo: Business Design Centre.

Ice Tuxedo (men-women)

Sportsman-Sportswear: Beyond Duality (menswear)


Ice (Ismail) Erbil consulted for Fashion Design on the following courses at

London College of Fashion UAL:

Educational LINKS for courses I have taught on a freelance-full time basis at Shepherds Bush, Oxford Circus and Hackney, London:

Fashion Design Intensive

Fashion Design 3D

Fashion consultancy:
Ice Ismail Erbil provides one-to-one consultancy for fashion design in womenswear and menswear.  The areas he specialises are the following: Research, design and development, technical drawings for the pattern cutter, fabric rendering, fashion illustration and presentations for the fashion industry. For further info email: icetuxedo@hotmail.com

urban nymph






Ice Ismail Erbil Fashion Designers CV

Ice (Ismail) Erbil is a fashion designer with his own brand Ice Ismail Erbil and is based in London working with draping, illustration and fashion design as his major.  He is Turkish-born and raised in both Germany and London Ice has worked in fashion design in the category of education at London College of Fashion Short Courses where he has specialised in Research, Design and Draping. He holds a BA from Central Saint Martins and diplomas from London College of Fashion and has worked for up and coming designers in London and a established brand Easton Pearson in Australia. 

Ice (Ismail) Erbil showed his debut collection in New York in 2008 and has worked as a fashion tutor internationally at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane where he also shadowed and was mentored by the course leader Suzi Vaughan on their degree course for first, second and final year graduating students who have become international brand owners.  He has also tutored at Northbrook College in West Sussex and Southampton Solent University in Southampton (UK).

Ice’s design studio practices are to work with intricate design details for classic draping fields where he draws inspiration from new techniques in luxury sportswear.  He is based in East London and explores new art and fashion directions within his practice including innovative pattern cutting, collage, sculpture and textiles.  

Current areas of interest are titled ‘Space Travel’ and ‘Our Giant Sea’ by the artist and also he references historical fashion designers and their influence on future identities.  Discovering drapery and using a visual language extending into ideas surrounding ‘bones, flowers and UFO’s’ allows Ice to approach the ‘everyday’ from his own unique perspective. 

Within his art practice he is also currently presenting ‘beyond duality’ as draping towards new menswear collection with his collaborative art partner under the collaborative name ‘Beyond Duality’.

His directional visions begins in the areas of surrealism, fabric manipulation and transformative clothing that constitute some of the main ingredients of his image-making both as an artist and a fashion designer.

Ice (Ismail) Erbil has shown his work as part of Nolcha Fashion Week in New York, London Fashion Week.  He has collaborated with Fashion Capital at Business Design Centre and has produced a unique knitted VHS collection titled ‘white noise’ for Alternative Fashion Week at Old Spitalfields Market, Shoreditch, London. 

He is currently showcasing his new image photography at the prestigious New Art Projects Gallery in East London for a very special art exhibition show to celebrate ten years of VFD10 ‘punish the streets’ curated by Lyall Hakarai who is a fashion designer. 


Costume: 12.12.2012

Location:  Corfu/Greece on the hilltops above Megoulas village in the North Eastern part of Corfu.

Costume: Ice (Ismail) Erbil

Photo: Patrick Michalopoulos








Online Sea Warrior

Sea Warrior, 2011

Location: Australia, Byron Bay

Costume & styling: Ismail Erbil

Photo:  Patrick Michalopoulos


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