Future Sound of the Waves – London

Future Sound of the Waves

Future Sound of the Waves – Ismail Erbil

Schwartz Gallery: 15.10.14 – 08.11.14

Private View: Wednesday 15th October, 2014, 6-9 p.m
Opening Night Performance by Ismail Erbil: 8 pm
Exhibition dates: 15th October – 8th November 2014
First Thursdays late opening: 6th November, 6-9 pm

Future Sound of the Waves is Schwartz Gallery’s sixth solo exhibition in a series of shows by emerging contemporary artists and Ismail Erbil’s second gallery solo show. Erbil creates sculptural environments investigating materials and spaces through their traces, echoes and by the interplay between the internal and external.

The environments that the viewers find themselves in act as conceptual vehicles for thinking, looking and experiencing materiality and non-spaces. The gallery is transformed through the use of a sculptural skin that questions the idea of context. Shifting meaning by disrupting the boundaries between art and it’s audience Future Sound of the Waves forms space though movement and transparency. Humour and an interest in the mystical, grotesque and fantastic inform actions that address making, language, sound and video to unlock sculptural and performative possibilities.

Telepathic piece on

You’ll never see my face in

Everything through the power of his mind

Carrier for wave


This is the ghost of

Time visitor

A curse

Playboy paper

The garden

He tells me I am his

More silent than now



Future Sound of the Waves

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