A collaboration between Ice Ismail Erbil and his fashion design students.  The work investigates fashion, videos, the role of the camera and documentation.

My ten (x11) students say that Vionnet and their fashion show does hold values to do with and we discuss the following:

Elegant, White, Pure, Shadows, Bali, Gorgeous, Flowy, Futuristic, Perfume, Bouncy.

Press release:

A door is a poison.  My ten students will respond to my ideas of re-interpreting a door and the qualities.

Because a door has a handle.  It has a lock.  Now I will write down other things a door has.

A glass, seams, reflection, invisible hook on it or next to it.


Elizabeth Bull, Nada Moselhy, Rachel Sciberras, Jessica Hill, Nenna Bhambra, Ashley Braddock, Magdalena Filcheva, Alla Moselhy, Norhanisah Norzri, Ice Erbil, Lisa Zaneboni, Ashley Bhambra.

2016: Exhibition date: Thursday December 22nd

Times: 7 p.m – 9.30 p.m

Open to the public & refreshments available


Ice-tuxedo is a new art events project curated and organised by artist-curator Ice (Ismail Erbil). The event highlights artists and fashion designers who celebrate a diverse mix of creative solutions to artists and how individuals promote themselves within the art market. Ice-tuxedo is a group show that looks into Sensationalism and Abstract Expressionism. Minimalist art works in the exhibition are lit up with a lamp.  A broad selection of artist’s works looks into the themes such as Egypt, Bone and Flowers.


Artworks include Giclee prints, sticker art, apparel, fashion accessories, sculpture, installation, collage, photographic prints and paintings presented within an installation environment.

(past group show) Ice-Tuxedo Presents the individual works of artists:

James Gilna, Patrick Michalopoulos, Julia Keenan, Alexander Drawbridge, Ice (Ismail) Erbil, Alan Singer.

Designers: Donika Ancheva, Ice, Diana Trif.

Image by: Ice Tuxedo

Photo: Project Office (in progress)

DRAG RIO: Wednesday 9th Nov 7-10 p.m  Evening event

Performance: 8 p.m by Ice (recital)

RSVP not essential but you would need to sign with your email at the entrance



Saturday 5th Nov: Open times: 1-5 p.m

Artist talk: Sat November 23rd, 2016, at 8 p.m

Booking necessary

Each artist has prepared five questions that the other artist in the collaboration doesn’t know about.  Collaborative drawing becomes a conversation.  Both artists will be in their drag outfits.

On the evening of their talk there will be refreshments available.

Saturday 19th Nov: Open times: 1-5 p.m

Saturday 12th Nov: Open times: 1-5 p.m

Thursday 27th: Beyond Duality exhibition open.  Time: 7-10 p.m

Saturday 29th October 2016: Open times: 1-5 p.m

Project Office is also open to the public

For further info and press release please visit: Beyond Duality


Beyond Duality presents ‘Duo Beyond’

Art Festival


Open: 30 September – 2 October 2016

Private View: Thursday 29th September: 6-9 p.m

RSVP is essential.

Exhibition open for viewing by Appointment Only.

Beyond Duality present collaborative drawings in their show ‘Duo Beyond’, continuing their exploration into ideas of authorship and ownership within contemporary art practice. Ranging from gestural mark-making to observation-based techniques Beyond Duality investigate strategies collaboratively for the development and completion of works. Gradually the ‘personal’ becomes de-centred creating ambiguous mappings of the self, the subject and of representation. Oh my god beyond duality was just that and nothing else. You have no choice to listen otherwise I’ll wrip the page. Also it’s not about a relationship, faeries. it’s about a gay man in a straight mans pants.



rotating arrangement 1

Image by: Ice Tuxedo ‘rotating arrangement’ A collaborative painting exhibition


about the art events:

gerund or present participle: rotating
move or cause to move in a circle round an axis or centre.
“the wheel continued to rotate”
synonyms: revolve, go round, turn, turn round, move round, spin, gyrate, wheel, whirl, twirl, swivel, circle, pirouette, pivot, reel
“the wheels had to rotate continually to provide power”
pass to each member of a group in a regularly recurring order.
“the job of chairing the meeting rotates”
synonyms: alternate, take turns, take it in turns, work/act in sequence, trade places, change, switch, interchange, exchange, swap.

the action, process, or result of arranging or being arranged.
“the arrangement of the furniture in the room”
synonyms: positioning, disposition, marshalling, ranging, ordering; More
a plan or preparation for a future event.
“all the arrangements for the wedding were made”.


A unique group exhibition organised by Ice-Tuxedo. Moments are moments of interaction between handling fashion material to begin with and then applying this knowledge into fine art materials. Ice-tuxedo has prepared a collaborative new canvas works between artist Ismail Erbil and 8 individuals from London College of Fashion, UAL.  The artists responds to the first layer as a conceptual take on and then adds their personal marks using themes such as fruit and colour. The exhibition questions a dialogue between artist curators and designers artists in their own right.


Please RSVP is essential to attend events at IceTuxedo.  To attend ‘Moments’ private view please e-mail:


MOMENTS (queen): Rotating Arrangement #3:

Private View: Tuesday 13th September 18.00 – 20.30 p.m

Public opening hours: Saturdays only: 11am – 5 p.m During exhibition dates

Thursday & Friday: Viewing by appointment only between 11am and 5 p.m

Designers & Artists for the #3:

Trine Nielsen, Bolaji Keem-Salami, Nana Rasoeva, Mireia Abello, Adwoa Gyempeh, Peiyue Zhang, Allison Owens, Syeda Kulsoom Shozab, Georgia Nikodimou, Harriet Angell, Carmen Morales Fernandez, Willow Hill, Bhavleen Kaur, Anna Aprelova, Joanna Dai, Yaoyu Jin.

MOMENTS (hearts): Rotating Arrangement #2:
Private View: Thursday 18th August 18.00 – 20.00 p.m

Designers & Artists for the #2:

Rose Brown, Bukola Saoga, Parini Shah, Annalisa Galanti, Elise Jiang, Amrita Mehrotra, Alice Sancho, Temitope Sagoh, Abiodun Odemayowa, Aida Albulushi, Klaudia Stadnicka, Yeside Akande, Shanshan Liu, Sarah Lam.


‘moments’ #1, (fruit): 07/07/16 – 27/08/2016

Designers & Artists for the #1: Eva Marie Conel, Gyan Sagar Singla, Lulu S Almuhaidib, Robin Capito, Libby Mata Harii, Julie Shah, Karim Hatab, Zamira Dinaeva.

Exhibition dates: 7th July 2016 to 27th August 2016

Private View: Thursday 7th July, 2016 6 – 8.30 p.m

Public opening hours: Saturdays only: 11am – 5 p.m During exhibition dates

Thursday & Friday: Viewing by appointment only between 11am and 5 p.m


Viewing strictly by appointment only please email:

Ice Tuxedo opens their art studio/s during local festivals in London and Internationally each year working closely with artists to realise and finalise curatorial outcomes of which the public engages directly with.  Ice curates art exhibitions in the form of solo, group, collaborations and open calls that combine both established and mid career artists.


For Ice’s full programme for the executive years from 2017-2018+ please email to ask for a press pack.


Ice receives no funding and works unpaid.  IceTuxedo is situated in Hackney Wick, between Victoria Park and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

(Any works for sale on his site is to support basic needs of his space, potentially pay himself for loss of income, pay invigilating, pay transportation of artworks nationally and Internationally, travel to promote exhibitions, media package/s, storage of artworks, security, upgrade facilities and other)


Undergraduate and Post Grad students looking to gain experience would need to show evidence of commitment to working with Ice for 6+ months.  This position/s could lead to a paid position either at IceTuxedo or in another art institution in UK and other European and non-european countries countries.

Image by: Ice Tuxedo

Image by: Ice Tuxedo ‘rotating arrangement #1


Supported by:

Beyond Duality

Ice (Ismail) Ebil – Ice Tuxedo

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