Liechtenstein Solo Show

Mastermind Now

kunst im Tuffsteinkeller –  18-19-20. 07.2014

Liechtenstein – City of Reutlingen, Germany

Ismail Erbil installation/sculpture in a Celler

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‘Mastermind Now’

In Ismail Erbil’s installation, a selection of objects is viewed through an oblong box constructed of magnifying reading sheets, augmenting and transforming what is visible behind the sheets. The architectural and viewing experience of the viewer descending and entering into the cellar from ground level to below ground level is a starting point for ‘Mastermind Now’ installation akin to a dig or an excavation to look or search for answers. As well as a literal reading through the magnifying reading sheets Erbil questions the role of the reader/viewer thinking of them as a character in a hidden or invisible narrative. The act of looking is disrupted in a sequence of open-ended spaces, performative gestures and layers to create metaphorical relationships between the space, the viewer and the displayed objects. Erbil looks at the relationship between searching and moving downwards and looking through and discovering materiality as transformative actions to describe shifting a tapestry of psychological and architectural reference points. Erbil’s objects are placed at specific distances from one another that refer to the different times at which they were gathered. The oblong display box references museum display systems while becoming a component itself of the displayed art by virtue of its capacity to magnify and augment the objects contained within it. The continuity of the classical viewing experience is inverted questioning categories of display and experience.

'Mastermind Now' Installation

‘Mastermind Now’ installation detail, artist studio

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‘Self portrait’ 2014

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