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‘random orange’ Open Call

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Random Orange is an International Open Call exhibition organised by Ice Tuxedo. Selected artists below have responded to an extract taken from ‘The Science in Science Fiction’ ed. Peter Nicholls, 1982, p. 91.

Artists who have applied for this exhibition opportunity have followed the guidelines set by Ice-Tuxedo. The exhibition was announced as a Open Call to artists working across all media and the curator did not restrict the size of the works.

Selected artists:











‘There are various intriguing science fiction notions concerning time that can only call upon very distant support from science. A notable example is A.E. van Vogt’s novel The Weapon Shops of Isher, in which a man throws alternately, as if on a seesaw, increasingly distant past and futures, accumulates so much energy (for surely time travel requires energy) that when he finally explodes in the distant past, it is the intensity of this release of energy that catalyses the creation of the Sun and the planets. This is one of the ultimate time paradoxes. More soberly, Ian Watson’s story “The Very Slow Time Machine’ tells of a future time traveller in a machine which, before it is projected even further into the future, must (like a catapult) first be very slowly pulled back into the past. To battled present-day observers he seems to be experiencing normal duration, but in reverse. There is a remote sense in which physics supports the relationship between time and energy that these stories rather vaguely suggest. The initial energy of the Big Bang that gave birth to our universe is thought to be directly connected to the nature of time in the universe.
We do not know exactly how much energy this was, but we do know that the greater the initial energy, the longer time itself will last before the universe reaches its hear-death or collapses back into a monobloc.’


Private View: Thursday 28th July, 6 – 8.30 p.m
Exhibition dates: 28/07/16 – 27/08/2016
Public opening hours: Saturdays only: 11am – 5pm
Thursday & Friday: Viewing by appointment only between 11am and 5pm

Gallery Open Sunday: 31st July from 11 am-6 pm

Location: 92 White Post Lane, Building 2, Ground floor, London, E9 5GU


For photos and artist information email: icetuxedo@hotmail.com

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