Ice (Ismail) Erbil

London based visual artist working with sculpture, drawing and painting.

The Premier of John#3

‘showcase’ #jason, studio one SE15 6RX with Rosie Pearson, Alan Cooper.

‘showcase’ 2017

As part of The Premier of John#3
Private event · Starring by Rosie Pearson

Date: May 7th 2017.  Time: from 6 p.m

*****Art Showcase by Ice Ismail Erbil*****

My sculptural works selected for White Hot Magazine in New York.
I am able to create prints from a series that relate to the making of the round balls of ‘synthetic’ value, an area of sculpting that requires the artists hands, scaling and imagination. Artwork has been selected from my post to them in 2016. I am able to recreate this story with circles as a theme and then take the theme into a conceptual process.

Studio One Ground Floor 3-5 Latona Road
London, United Kingdom

Public Transit: 5 Minutes from Stockwell tube

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Photo by Teemon 2017 London Copyright © 2018 Ice Ismail Erbil. All rights reserved.

'I'm a party girl' Ismail Erbil 2017

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‘365 hours in a day’

Writing titled: ‘365 hours in a day’

Lot’s of questions! If you were an alien scientist would you have the opportunity to leave planet earth? or would you discover what’s already here with us? like culture, nature or travel for example…How much can we discover in a closed room? Can you then reveal what’s not already said? Am I questioning what already exists or are you saying what’s already been said before? Do we repeat ourselves but in a different body? And what about a sub culture that exists and not many people know about. Is that depressing, is it beautiful or are tribes repeating a historical past? I have no clues but watch. But do I learn anything new. And why is the new material so important?

Written 1st March 2013

Words by: Ismail Ice Oscar Andrew Erbil





‘TRAPT’ 2016

Trapt is about a language that exists between drag queens where we all want to look like transexual Amanda

. Lapore is a genius queen and her looks are divine.

Trapt is a unique oil painting that looks at the role of a face, a portrait, a famous figure and how it was painted without any feelings towards a reaction to our faces’s structural bones, hair, teeth, nose and ears. Although the painting looks very serious, there are boundaries between it’s humorous take on presentation, abstraction and how paint is applied directly from oil tube.

words by: Ice (Ismail) Erbil


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video still taken from: ‘I’m so fucking hot’

‘I’m so fucking hot’ is a story between gay males like myself, love and showing affection in it’s purest form creating a debate about revealing and concealing in the LGBTQ world of pornography making a statement about spoken language within the universal connection of sweet gay love. This making the relationships, weddings and marriage a very beautiful heartbreaking story. My own club world is taken to a higher meaning in a white grid art installation using elastic, fire and ice. Haven experienced a duplicate relationship of ownership in a climate of change politically in Hackney Wick and beyond. My own interpretations of this image taken from a film still represents disturbances of the personal and the aftermath.

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‘deep inside’ #kunst New York


Ice Open Studio:

Sculpture, Painting-Collage & Prints

Affordable Prices ranging from £80+ and a showcase of sculptures displayed within his painting practice made since 2014 including exclusive pieces from his solo show ‘Future Sound of the Waves’

Date Friday 5th May 2017 Times: 11 am – 7 pm

Saturday 6th May 2017 Times: 12.30 – 7 pm

Unit 2102: 92 White Post Lane, Building 2, First Floor, London E9 5GU.


‘Man Bar’ Soho



‘Triangle’ c type pearl finish photo:

C-type Fuji Flex, edition of x5

10″ x 12″ 254 x 304.8

Price: £120


Photographic c-type printed on dibond created on light sensitive paper using a finely balanced red, green & blue light source.

(A lightweight composite of aluminium and PVC. Fixture options: with subframe)

‘2008-2017 now it’s a painting’ 2016

edition of x25.  Price: £470


‘2008-2017 now it’s a painting’

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Ice (Ismail) Erbil is a contemporary artist based in London working with painting, sculpture and fashion. Turkish-born and raised in both Germany and London Ice works in fashion design in the category of education at London College of Fashion Short Courses and specialises in Research, Design and Draping. He holds a BA from Central Saint Martins and diplomas from London College of Fashion. Ice (Ismail) Erbil showed his debut collection in New York. He has worked as a fashion tutor internationally at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane where he also shadowed and was mentored by the course leader Suzy Vaughan. He has also tutored at Northbrook College in West Sussex and Southampton Solent University in Southampton (UK).

Ice is based in his art and design studio in East London and explores new art and fashion directions within his practice including innovative pattern cutting, collage, sculpture and oil painting. Current areas of interest are titled ‘Space Travel’ and ‘Our Giant Sea’ by the artist and also reference historical fashion designers and their influence on identity. Discovering drapery and using a visual language extending into ideas surrounding ‘bones, flowers and UFO’s’ allows Ice to approach the ‘everyday’ from his own unique perspective. He is currently presenting a series of fifty new small works on his web-site as well as draping a new menswear collection with his collaborative art partner and flatmate under the collaborative name ‘Beyond Duality’.

Directions beginning in the areas of Surrealism, fabric and queer art constitute some of the main ingredients of his image-making both as an artist and a fashion designer.

Ice (Ismail) Erbil has shown his work in Germany and the UK and his sculpture has been selected for Whitehotmagazine in New York showcasing his new body of work.




‘Deep Inside’ 2017 edition of x10 Gicleé print printed on gloss on MDF, 20″ x 24″, 6mm thickness, 2017.  Price: £250 (sterling)

Black painted edges. Fixtures: Battens/ MDF Fixings
Contact me for more information



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‘Time Machine’ Gicleé Print

2-colour corrected

‘Time Machine’Gicleé Print 2015



ismail blue pin 2015

‘blue pin’ oil and marker pens on canvas board, 24” x 18”, 2015



‘My Twin’ Photograph using iphone 5, 2015


‘new work in space’, 2015, fabric



size: 210 x 148.5 mm width x height

160 gsm A5

Price: £150. For set of x3 drawings
#mr #instagay#muscleman my x3 pen drawings from a photo a series of x25 unique. Size a5 works on card. Pay now via my and secure this unique for via my paypall on paypall. £150 titled ‘unique’ 2017 on white a5 card. Enjoy 😃😋😜 ismail erbil 4.1 x 5.8 in



15241218_1241351919291306_3679407478199629239_nIce Tuxedo


Image: Ulrich von Liechtenstein, Germany 2014



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