The Red Files

The Red Files

27.08.15 – 12.09.2015

Curated by Ismail Erbil

The Red Files is the fourth and final Open Call exhibition at Schwartz Gallery for 2015. The Open Call format has created exhibition opportunities throughout the year for emerging contemporary artists and tested curatorial concepts within the space. Juxtaposing ideas of colour and order The Red Files investigates psychological versus physical space within concepts of the contemporary. Occupying the abstract yet being rooted in a physical ordering The Red Files invites artists to submit work that responds to ideas of untold stories, latent expressions of the self and inverted systems of classification. The gallery space will be reformed through the use of divisions reenforcing ideas of transition and repetition by concealing and revealing physical and perceptual space.

The Red Files curated by Ismail Erbil

Schwartz Gallery, 92 White Post Lane,

Ground floor, Building 2, London, E9 5GU

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