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Actor in a shirt. A white shirt. Takes one to know one. So smooth in my bed. Open your shirt man. Let your chest breathe. Feel my hands on you. Smooth as hell. Mr sexy. Now it’s so hot here. There is somewhere to go. Come. Come with me. Stranded by your lips. Amazed in the dimples I see. Be brave. Hold me tight on your chest muscle. Cute. You know. You know I know your smile. Your jock. I go where you go. Take me with you. As long as you come home with me. Dude. I am your dude. Call me handsome. Stay with me. Walk with me. Watch me dance to you. Kiss my lips. Breathe in. We are man. In a city surrounded by grapes, wine and sunlight. #lee #gayman #gayerotic

April 2017


‘I see you now i don’t see you’ my outdoor studio about psychic #conspiracy slapping 45 degree creates a fire visible to the person on the 45degree reflection in the time of appearance. The ability to see and sense takes the viewer on a journey of the intuition. I am a reader of amazing stories. ♦️

April 2017


Writing titled: ‘365 hours in a day’

Lot’s of questions!  If you were an alien scientist would you have the opportunity to leave planet earth? or would you discover what’s already here with us? like culture, nature or travel for example…How much can we discover in a closed room?  Can you then reveal what’s not already said? Am I questioning what already exists or are you saying what’s already been said before?  Do we repeat ourselves but in a different body?  And what about a sub culture that exists and not many people know about.  Is that depressing, is it beautiful or are tribes repeating a historical past?  I have no clues but watch.  But do I learn anything new.  And why is the new material so important?

Written 1st March 2013

Words by: Ismail Ice Oscar Andrew Erbil


Art has no parents written by Ice (Ismail) Erbil

Turner Prize 2016/17: Tate Britain

Pandora’s box: Ice to announce the winner: Helen Marten

Michael Dean
Anthea Hamilton
Josephine Pryde

Art has no parents So we walk into four different rooms to see the works of four finalists at this years Turner Prize. Artists 1/2/3/4 First room is the entrance and has the best work as there are so much to explore. For centuries artists have always used objects as tools to speak and communicate certain behaviours of art making and exploration of the mind. To view and really understand Helen Martin’s work you need to go and view this exhibition before it ends on the 2nd of January 2017.  Look very carefully into her work as you will discover much more than browsing through images online. They speak an extension from the head, a bodily matter to do with consciousness of her use of materials. A dark portrait of dark spaces projected in a pastel coloured presentations of desired objects that are unreal and close to home. I visited Helen Martin’s work twice and have scheduled my third visit already.


A surreal outlook on. I selected the brick printed suit to highlight it’s use in a non-domestic ways to do with how the hanging structure has nothing to do with wearability in terms of bespoke tailoring but holds key factors about perhaps a future performance yet to happen. I just wish there were a pair of drag shoes that went along with it. Or was it there but not visible to the eye. Expensive materials were used amongst the installation to suggest wealth, aesthetic values in the contemporary art. Visit 2/s show and and I really would like to know if there was ever other options to hand this gorgeous and beautifully hanging sculpture amongst wall paper covered art walls. I’d like to see this on a doll mannequin and judge it’s limits for myself. money and value.

The 3/rd room simply the head, the neck, shoulders, bust, waist, hips, legs, feet and arms. Simply a fashion that is seen in the everyday. Not to say that it was boring but why such a rigid colour of the ordinary. I work in fashion design, illustration, making sculptures myself, have handle works for 8 years and seeing images in frames is not something new and exciting. It’s like a shop front display. presentation 4/th room is very annoying and has lots of holes on the actual artwork that invite the visitors to explore frustrating times we are all living in. The politics and suggesting this with areas to do with narratives that exist in our art scene. I see many shows and think continuous lines in planning an installation comes before thinking about what the public thinks about. Why get hold of soooo many unused coins and simply dump them on the floor. We see coins on the floor all the time!! Written by Ice (Ismail) Erbil October 2016

My winner is: Michael Dean.


Friday November 2016, time: 18:43

Purple glitter rains over my nails

By Ice

Pandora’s box

August 2016: REPORTAGE By Julie Rose Bach Køie for Danish Radio

Ismail Erbil Interview which begins from 22:27 min. My own voice begins at 27:10 min.




Me and the mic, our guest is not in the frame, fashion designer and artist ismail erbil is telling us about fashion design in London  and efe is taking the picture 🙂 tune in for arty fun each weds! Each week we talk about what is happening in the art and culture scene in London to raise cultural awareness in the Turkish speaking community.

Tugba Tirpan 


time now: 17.30

other object

sunday 26th June 2016


ismail blue pin 2015

Ismail Erbil: The Blue Pin: oil, acrylic and marker pens, 16″ x 14″


I: I will always be visible but my work will be hidden from you. Titles of my work will come from my research and not from me. Therefore I will remove all traces that has anything to do with the ‘self’ unless you see through me.  My light will be inverted until you look into my eyes.


art & war: #war and #beauty is created with #love and #other War: war is often created with love and not relationship issues or a friendship matter.  The discussions with the ‘other’ in art or gypsy sounds can achieve the planes between flattening someones vision of beauty.  Yes, someone belongs to someone else and not you in person.  We don’t own our bodies but yet are thrown to the edge and yet find lots of clues as to how we would fly into the fourth dimension and then perhaps into the awareness of a clock ticking and finding answers to the ‘other’.  Some roads are easy to erase but years show evidence and are all yours.  Think that everything is to blame, the love.   Forever guilt is meant to be with those who are close to your heart.  Years are yours. Listen to that sound and sounds of the universe.  Years, years and more years are yours.  It’s yours.  Ambitions can go, can be sad.  The years of dimples are like drawings and eyes are like yours.  Art and war is not to blame but the love.  The non-bodily with a few words and years of years are yours.  Roads are easy to erase.  Years and years are yours.  Love and kisses.


boyfriend: your my sun for my whole life.


acting: I think someone called martin loves my boyfriends moves and enjoys his actor friends attention seeking comfortable dance moves.


porn: Issac you know you are a hot man.  It’s raining because of you.


tea: would you like snow in your tea cup.


Ismail Erbil and all the other sexy men in Shoreditch resident superstar pornstars were joined by totally hot and four of London’s hottest fucking exports blah blah and can’t remember their names, and porn addicted suckers and fucked all the way through the whole entire dark night. The Saturday studio took over the club’s International Room with crazy live sex shows, celebrating in not so good fashion style, the gay scene beauties, on the look out for the next hot fuck groups, the lost and found towels, security obsessed staff, no darkroom, dirty playground VIP hangout was there with bright house music and circus mafia.

Ismail Erbil 2015



My mind is on fire even the seas cannot put my burning fire off.

I travel to the most beautiful Island.

I’m wondering if I’m the only one here.

The sea is so strong.

Winds are blowing me to the skies.

The waves are so high.

Makes me feel stronger than yesterday.

I find myself floating on the transparent waters like a piece of drift wood.

Suddenly I wake up having been buried under earth to discover a space ship ready for a mission.

Do you want to explore with me? says the alien man creature.

I said, with you I will go where ever you take me.

So he replied, while you’re still alive you must see it all!

I’m smiling holding a superstitious looking stick wearing my own skin.

The thunder strikes and we leave in a bright flash of lights.

Lucky I captured the moment.

I write this at 4 am, so silent here, I can’t sleep.

Will I ever dream?

Ismail Erbil 2012


Event: 2014: ‘My mind is on fire’ performances at Manbar, Soho, London.


‘My mind is on fire’ words printed for exhibition publication ‘Unobtrusive Measures’ Germany, 2012 curated by Mark Selby:


Kunstpavillon, Munich – 2011
Schwartz Gallery, London – 2010


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